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Repairing your boat or jet ski can cost you hundreds or even thousands if done the wrong way. Before you throw your towel in the ring, have our fiberglass experts take a look and see if we can repair your watercraft.


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We use only first class materials.

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We ensure the road is smooth and the results extraordinary.

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We have years of experience customizing and repairing a wide range of watercrafts.

About Sun Valley Fiber-Glas

Family owned and operated, Sun Valley Fiber-Glas has been serving the Phoenix, Arizona area for over a few decades. Coming from a background of fiberglass manufacturing, moving into repairing fiberglass products was a logical next step. Over the years we have developed the skills and acquired the tools to provide services to repair and provide maintenance for a vast range of watercrafts and vehicles. Small or big jobs, our people will exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves on quality work at a great price.

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Sound Advice

Some boat or jetski owners will call for just a minor scratch, a small cosmetic concern; We advise that the labor-intensive gelcoat repair is not needed for that. We suggest repair only when there is damage of some depth or a hole that could result in water entry.

Just like someone who wants cosmetic surgery just because he or she has some natural wrinkling from aging, "extensive repair" is really not needed - just more surface care. And, surface care for a boat is wax. Don't worry about "wax buildup" in Arizona; it melts too quickly in the heat and sun.
Therefore, maintenance can be done with the least expensive wax (e.g., a liquid spray wax); as long as three coats are applied correctly, it should last about three months.

The process We recommend is to apply a coat of wax, let it set for one hour, then take it off. This procedure should be repeated for a total of three times.
Under a microscope, gelcoat looks like a sponge and takes in the wax accordingly. Using a heavy, viscous wax is not necessary and is even discouraging as it is so hard to remove in between applications.

Our Work

Sun Valley Fiber-Glas specializes in fiberglass repairs and we are proud of our work. Check out some recent projects below.

B D - Before

B D - After

Competitive - Before

Competitive - After

Jet Ski - Before

Jet Ski - After

White Boat with Blue Stripe - Before

White Boat with Blue Stripe - After


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